We've been waiting for two years...#Beyond25

It’s been asked again and again yet no one from Zwift will respond to this and explain why they refuse to budge but when will levels be increased beyond 25?

This is the one thing you guys refuse to upgrade.  Why?

I think Zwift is just waiting for me to catch up, dont worry im on Level 24 going to 25 soon.



Hi Charlie,

Thanks for writing in! We aren’t ‘refusing to budge.’ It’s a bit more complicated and only a small fraction of our members are at level 25 at the moment.

We’ve got big plans in store for higher levels but, with limited development resources, we can only tackle so many things at a time.

We do thank you for your patience!

Thanks for your reply Eric. We may be a minority at level 25, but they are usually riding loyal to Zwift since the first hour. I’ve been paying Zwift for the first month, but I’m paying every month because Zwift is a great program for me. That said, the riders of the beginning or regular have generally completed the 3 challenges, unlocked the Tron bike and remains blocked at level 25, it is a bit frustrating to no longer progress in the game.
Another question, how much level is there in running mode?

Good job and ride on!

What is annoying with the delays in releasing new levels is that people like me who have been level 25 since it was released haven’t experienced a level up that we worked towards since going from 14 to 15 which was a long time ago because we had enough XP to go straight to the highest new released level (20 and 25) which is annoying.

I have 228,500+ XP which is over twice as much as needed for Level 25 (110,000) so I fear that even if we only get an extra 5 level that again I will go straight to level 30 unless the gaps are over 20,000 per level (24->25 was 10,000 XP).

I feel that by not having sufficient level the people who were using Zwift from the beginning are losing out in this regards.

Sorry. I was completely wrong.

Thanks Eric.


Hi Zee,

Just a head’s up: you are STILL accruing experience points after level 25. When we add more levels, you *will* jump to the appropriate level for the amount of experience you have.

It’s how Zwift has worked each time we’ve bumped the max level up. :slight_smile:


That has not been true in the past and I don’t think it is true when the new level are released. Those of us that are at level 25 have continued to gain XP which means we will more than likely skip level six when they are released. Unless they rest everyone’s XP so no one has more than what is necessary for level 25, which would mean a some people will loss a lot of XP. I don’t think this will happen, I think people will end up skipping levels they way it has happened in the past.

Crap, Eric beat me to it.


Why not double the XP for each new level beyond lvl 25?. You need 100k to reach level 25 (for example) then level 26 should be 200k, level 27 then 400k and so on. Then there is plenty of space for the real XP grinder to grind for before they even get close to level 30, which would be 3200k xp needed. :wink:

I can’t even remember levelling up, it’s been that long.  Even if long-term Zwifters are granted level ups in accordance to their XP, they are denied the enjoyment of working towards these levels.  It would be nice if some ridiculously long “unlocks” (levels/challenges) were available.  I mainly do races now because the efforts to just do free-world distance/ascents don’t feel like they’re “gamified” like they used to be; ie. it was fun working for the ZConcept.  After about 5,000kms everything in Zwift is unlocked, and that’s pretty easy to do within a season.  I would like to see some unlocks where you look at that bike or jersey and go “Holy Spokey-Dokeys!  That rider sure put some insane time and effort in!”

I am Mr.BathSalts and I approve this message.^^^^^^^^

What do you suggest?

100 sprints in one ride?

500 kilometer jersey?


@Zee, I made a suggestion a while back, ascend 400,000m to space station and unlock a special helmet (this being an extension of the ZConcept challenge).  https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115017674343-400km-Elevation-Gain-Reach-Space-Station-Unlock-Space-Suit-Helmet

Another idea could be:
“Been around the world and I, I, I…” 40,075km logged, ride circumference of Earth = unlock Planet earth jersey.
There’s only a handful of riders who currently pre-qualify for that unlock.

Sorry it took me so long but today I got to Level 25.

To the moon: 384.400 km. Some cool Moonrover like bike or a neat moon jersey

Frodos joureny: 2.700 km from The Shire to Mordor. Sauron style helmet.

Proxima Centauri
A mere 4.25 LY (40,200,000,000,000 km)
At 30kph this would only take 15.3 million years.
That should keep even the most dedicated Zwifter busy.

I am still fairly new to Zwift (started riding in Dec 2017) but the “small fraction of members have reached 25” comment confuses me. 

I have been riding regularly for nearly 90 days now and I reached level 19 last week.  As of today (21Feb2018) I have completed 2631km, completed the Italy, Everest and TRON challenge.  I am on track for level 25 by May 2018.  I don’t say this to brag, I just find it difficult to believe that I am an outlyer.  Zwift has been around for a couple of years, I have to believe there are more people at level 25.

Does anyone have stats of where the community sits; like a pyramid of users?  Maybe create a leader board for km ridden…

More badges and levels please. I have only been on zwift for 2 months but have most of the badges and level 16, so I expect to compete existing challenges in next few months?

A few reference points:

  • Level 25 dates to December 2015 (v1.0.9318)
  • No new levels in 2016
  • No new levels in 2017
  • An official comment asked Zwifters to hang on until new levels were added in the summer of 2016

I have been on Zwift since 28NOV17 (3 months) and I am already level 20. I find it hard to believe that there are not enough people at level 25 to justify adding more levels…