Bikes, Jerseys and Levelling up

(Robert Bennett 🚀) #1

I’m aware there are regular promotions and you can unlock bikes at various levels but it would be nice to offer more choice. I haven’t ridden much but the distance between levels is long I’m nearly at level 7 but its taking a while anyway…

More a suggestion for live not so much Beta…

I personally would be more than happy to pay real money to unlock cosmetics in the game, like bikes and jerseys of real world teams or even just some more options for bikes. It’s kinda lame that you get a steel frame at level 7 and then get zipp 404s at level 8? All those bikes like the Canyon and trek that have been in game should be more accessible in my opinion.

Or if not maybe make the rewards for levelling a little more appealing, I can’t really bring myself to ride 100km at a time on the trainer to level quickly. Maybe give bonus XP for a Green/orange jersey etc

More options and more rewards at earlier levels… leave something awesome for higher levels sure but a bit more variety would be great…

Also… helmet colour options :slight_smile:

(Kevin Christopherson) #2

I agree, half the reason I love zwift is getting those XP points.  The more the better.  Even if they’re TINY bonuses or even color unlocks, we need more more more!! I constantly force myself to go an extra 5 miles even though I’m late for my next chore, just to get the next level up.  I’m a newbie but 20 levels seems really small, in many games like Diablo 3 the leveling up never ends.  They scale and it takes more XP to rank up but it makes you feel like every minute you play is progress. Zwift needs this badly for 20+.


My $.02 :slight_smile: