Levels and experience points - a different approach

Hi Zwift and the Zwift community,

I’ve been here since the early Beta days and its great to see how the experience has progressed.  However, despite being on Zwift for a while, i’m only just about to hit level 20 and this got me thinking.

Instead of the prescriptive rewards per level that we have currently, you could have a Zwift in-game Shop where you could use your experience points to buy the rewards that you wanted.  New shoes, helmets, frames, wheels, jerseys, whatever to you.  Save up the points and use them on what you fancy.

If you’re that way inclined, then as per the majority of “apps” these days you could even offer an in-app purchase to convert real money into Zwift money and use that to buy goodies too.  I mean, people spend real money on chicken feed for use in farmville right (or whatever, you might guess that i don’t play farmville).

Just an idea.  #rideon.


Hi David, 

I’m totally with you on this one and I’ll add your vote to already existing requests. All I can tell you is that we’ve got some interesting ideas we’re working on ;) 

Thank you! 


Interesting ideas.

I firmly believe that XP should be credited for height as well as distance now too.  Riding around the Ocean will level you up twice as quickly as riding the much harder challenge over the mountain.

Good point Andrew

Yeah XP just for distance and not climbing is silly. Please dont go down any “in app” purchases route please.

We pay already