Spend Your Experience Points on Virtual Bling

I see there is a couple of posts archived regarding experience points and the potential to spend them on virtual bling for your avatar & bike. However i can’t see how to actively update them.

Mine is a multi layered idea so bear with me.

The 1st idea is that Zwift really work with bike & clothing brands to get more real world products represented in the virtual world. It makes sense for the brands as it is effectively advertising (it is also a potential revenue stream for Zwift).
So once we get these brands on board what could be done? The 2nd idea is spending your experience points on new bling of course!!
Then to really mix things up and add an element of fun to the whole ‘shopping’ experience the 3rd idea is there could be virtual shops as destinations throughout the different maps.

Unsure what route to ride today? Well how about a quick loop to the Bianchi store in the Italian Village to check out their latest bike? Need an incentive to do a bit of hill climbing? Go check out the Canyon store in the German town.
Utilising the turning choice engine already in place you could easily decide to enter a store during a ride where you could enter a virtual shop lobby and browse your potential upgrades.

Just a thought. Zwift Community, over to you!

I don’t know about spending XP. After all, technically if you spend something the amount you have decreases. That’d mean we go from level 15 back down to level 14, say.

Earning another in-game currency would be good though. It could be generated in other ways than XP perhaps. Maybe it could replace XP and we just have a “credit balance”; after all XP doesn’t really mean anything in Zwift. Sure, we get a piece of kit for levelling up, but it’s not like a real MMORPG. Our avatars don’t get more powerful (artificially, I mean - obviously for many the hope is that through riding they do get more powerful). We don’t get new abilities or anything.

All the “level” is is bragging rights to show off how many km you’ve put into Zwift. And beyond level 25 even that ceases. We might as well just have the bank balance and spend it on whatever we like. Ride more and you can buy more stuff - but also you can focus on the things you want.

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