Remove level unlocking for routes

Not a problem for me as its all unlocked but… Had a conversation with a friend this weekend. His view was, “I am paying a subscription fee so should have access to all routes from the beginning”.

Its a fair point I think.

I don’t agree entirely. There are plenty of games that we pay for that don’t come with everything available.

Take World of Warcraft for example. £9 or £10 per month, and on top of that I paid £40 for a recent expansion. My character was level 110, and a load of the new stuff was only unlocked once I reached level 120.


Perhaps…but this is an interesting dynamic. World of warcraft is for pure gamers. Most people in Zwift are not gamers…but cyclist who want to take the boredom out of training. Varied routes are part of that.

I think levels are good…though. Pretty sure they should go beyond 25…and come with incentives etc.

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I’m not sure where you’re getting your data, but I do think there are a lot of gamers on Zwift. :smiley:

But that aside, I think there’s an issue of perception here. We pay a monthly subscription to Zwift; that’s not in doubt. But there are more than one way this can be seen.

For example, are we:

  • paying for the game an all it contains?
  • paying for access to the game systems and the infrastructure it runs on?

If it’s the first, then we should also be given all the “kit” in the game without having to level up. After all, I might be level 5 but I’m still paying the same as someone who’s level 25. Why shouldn’t I have access to all the wheels and jerseys that person has?

If it’s the second, then it’s easier to see a rationale whereby we don’t just get given everything. Two people starting off at the same time have as much opportunity to ride as each other. If one does 2 hours per day and the other 2 hours per week, that’s not Zwift’s fault, but clearly one will earn goodies and features sooner than the other.


I’ll disagree on this one. The unlockable content is pretty good motivator to train more. It’s also fun to put in the work for content and be rewarded for it. Level 12 doesn’t take too much time to get to as well.

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I totally understand that point of view, but at the same time I quite like the gamification angle of Zwift - it totally motivates me to crack on, and in my pursuit of Level 12 (Alpe Du Zwift) I’ve done far more indoor riding than I would have done on more traditional training programs. Having said that, if you REALLY want to ride a route early, there are ways and means of doing it (group rides etc.), so it’s not as if they are totally out of bounds.

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I agree. When the ADZ was released, I wanted to ride it badly but was only at level 9. It motivated me to extend the frequency and duration of rides to unlock it. There’s also the workaround of joining group rides/races that follow a locked course for those that really want to do it.

I personally see Zwift not as a game but as a training tool, I pay for.
I think that Zwift was primarily designed as a training tool and the level restrictions are a marketing instrument to keep customers longer with Zwift. From that point of view, I can easily understand the arguments of Martin’s friend. Meanwhile I don’t have a problem with it anymore, because I have unlocked all routes.

btw. sometimes there are special events, were you can ride a route e.g. Alpe du Zwift, which you normally couldn’t ride with your current level.

Very temporary though, a couple of months motivation… I guess its not a biggie for me. Just something that put off a potential customer.

It’s both, of course. No one’s saying Zwift is purely a game, but it’s heavily based on the gamification of exercise and training. Their own homepage states it’s the “at home training game connecting cyclists around the world.” It can absolutely be used just as a training tool. At least until it comes to analysing your performance - for that you need an external tool. But that’s another matter. :smiley:

I’ve also unlocked all the routes – so far. :wink:

I have been doing Zwift now for 2 weeks and I am only level 11 but I love that certain areas are locked. I love the idea that I need to work to earn access. I am excited about hitting level 12. The level lock has motivated me to ride more. Thank you.


As a new member who bought this for training, I would love to ride levels that are locked. It’s very frustrating. I ride in circles around maps that I’m not interested in until I unlock the more desirable maps.

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There is only two places that are locked, the alpe and the jungle. There are 5 worlds to choose from. Only Watopia has 2 routes that are locked.

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And of course I want to ride the Alpe. By the way, I joined in ZF’s beginner ride yesterday and we had a great ride leader.

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The ZF rides are the best. I lead one tomorrow if you want to join 6:05am EST.

Getting to level 15 does not take that long.

Am I right in thinking that any Zwifter can access the locked sections if they take part in a social ride that goes into the locked area?

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This post was from ages back. There is no longer an issue because Zwift have added so much more mileage its no longer relavant.