Open up all routes

I think all routes should be opened to all paid subscribers. I feel that ride time mikes should be rewarded with bike upgrades and gear. I’m getting sick of riding the same routes. Level 9 finally now to get to 10. Not everyone rides just on Zwift

I agree. It’s a shame that my monthly fee, which is the same as everyone else, does not give me access to the same routes.  With that said, I understand Zwift’s desire to reward more frequent riders so perhaps there is a middle ground…  something more rewarding to frequent users than bikes and gear but less frustrating than route restriction to those of us that can’t get out as much.   It could be more/better power ups for frequent riders, exclusive access to certain workout types, even early access to certain routes that the rest of us get a bit later.

I agree completely. (For the record, I’m level 25 and not subject to the Jungle route restrictions.) It’s entirely unclear to me what the motivation is for restricting access to routes based on level.

I like the idea of getting new worlds, routes etc by leveling up. That´s an online game. It gives many options for the future. 

You don´t start Dungeons & Dragons with the last level and the whole world open. Most Games work like this. You have to play it step by step… one task done… get two new tasks. Just my 2 cents… :wink:


Yeah that’s a fair comment. I guess I don’t see it as a game but rather a service I pay for. Imagine if Netflix or Spotify only let the people that watch/listen the most access the latest shows or tracks. Or say that your neighbour gets faster broadband than you at the same price because he uses it more. With this and the recent price rise, Zwift has essentially taken a business decision to focus on the core user. That’s fair but it’s a shame because I think there is bigger business out there for them. I’m not going to cancel… Almost at level 10 anyway. Just my personal view.

Luke yeah I know what you mean. It is of course important that yo can choose from different routes from the beginning. 

Sure. I don´t like to use consume items as a motivation thing only. We spend so much money  for our hobby and often forget the basic things. So maybe many people stay motivated when they can enter new routs instead of … well… a jersey. 

And… if you rode all routes very often… well… they get boring. Same would happen after a while if all routes where open from the beginning. But if yo know you´ll get new worlds you keep on riding. Its as simple as that. It´s a motivation thing… :-)  

I think it is a awesome motivation. I feel a bit left out that I did not get the excitement / challenge to ride to open up a new route.  Until this new expansion people did not even realize that there are different levels in the game.

I think it will be nice if the next route expansion is level “12” and if you are over level is you have to ride 100km afer the road has been opened before you can ride it. That will be some motivation for us that are on level 25.