Remove level requirements for course access

Having incentives to level up makes sense and is a nice gamification aspect of Zwift. However, this should be limited to bikes, kits, badges, “power ups”, and recognition. I have been paying for Zwift since 2015, but I don’t ride the trainer very often. Seems like bad form to prevent paying customers from accessing the full course. The irony here… I would ride more if there were a long sustained climb available, and even more if that climb mirrored a real climb I’ve ridden. 

Users below level 12 can ride up the mountain during group rides, so they are not totally excluded from riding up it.

I understand your frustration but you also need a dose of reality. Are you sure the reason why you have not gotten to level 13 in over 24 months is because you don’t have access to the Jungle expansion and Alpe du Zwift?

You have not been riding on Zwift and that is why you don’t have full access.

The course you do have access to is full of fun and we all rode that exact course until we gained experience points.

Actually, some of us started before the Volcano and Ocean Blvd expansions. All of London is available.

So actually, it has never been better and with a little work, you can enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Tim, thanks for replying to my feature request. I didn’t say I hadn’t ridden Zwift more because I didn’t have access to the Jungle expansion or Alpe du Zwift. I actually do have access to the Jungle expansion. I said I would ride Zwift more if I had access to Alpe du Zwift, and I would.

I started riding Zwift when there was only Watopia and zero route options (only clockwise and counter-clockwise). I completely agree that Zwift continues to get better and better. I don’t ride Zwift more because I prefer outdoors 1st and TrainerRoad 2nd. Zwift is a great way (for me) to get a change of scenery every now and then. I recognize others like it more and ride a ton of miles in Zwift. I’m not a die hard cyclist. I only ride about 6,000 miles a year, and Zwift accounts for about 200 of those miles. 

I respect that for you and probably a lot of others, there’s extra motivation provided by leveling up. For me, it does the opposite. I would have enjoyed checking out the new climb and seeing how it compares to my times up Alpe D’huez, but not enough to motivate me to ride Zwift more. Sure, I could easily ride Zwift every day for a week or two and unlock the course, but I’m not that interested. My opinion (which you have every right to disagree with) is that the course options should be available to everyone. Even people like me who only visit Watopia a few times a year. Happy riding. 

Hey Ryan, thanks for replying.

After I posted that I hoped that it would not come across too harsh because I know I don’t know your circumstances. It sounds like you ride a lot and that’s great. The comments on the forums have rather mean spirited lately and I don’t want to add to that.

Ride On.

Ryan, I’ll give you my details and you can ride up it a couple of times in my name. :slight_smile:


I doubt I’ll be riding it again for a while, if ever.

If we are all paying the same monthly fee we should all have access to the same routes whether we Zwift once a month or everyday.  

@Malcolm… thanks for the offer. I’ll let you know if I get desperate, but it’s getting warmer here. I should be able to do real climbs soon. 

@Michael… apparently we’re in the minority. This feature request has already been voted down to a minus 5. I guess people who are already level 12+ want to limit the number of people on the climb. Oh well. To each his own. 

I agree.  As someone who just got their smart trainer and was hoping to use Zwift to train for riding Skyline Drive, it’s really disheartening to find the best climbing in the game is 1,000 miles away.  It also doesn’t help that I was focused on climbing, which means I wasn’t putting up a lot of miles, just a lot of altitude, so I was leveling slowly.


It’s more like 434 miles for you (I’m guessing less), but it’s about XP and not miles.