Zwift did not allow me to do a course

I was on Watopia and clicked on one of the routes- I think Mountain.  It wouldn’t allow me to ride this course although I could ride the others. It also had the #10 associated with it.  Can somebody explain this? 

The Jungle Route require you to be level 10 or higher to ride. If you are in a group ride that takes the route you will be able to ride it along with the group.

Does Level 10 mean you have ridden alot? I’m new here and don’t know how one gets to level 10…  If it is based on big climbs, I may not ever get there!

Level 10 doesn’t take that long, here is a helpful link:

Here is another link that explains what it takes to make it to Level 10:

Thanks I’ll check into it.  

Ok.  I’ve got it now.  Never knew what the XP was on the screen before. Very helpful as is the Manual. However, the training packages are intense and I want something that is for the committed recreational rider. I tried a few of them- very very hard.