Running up Alp du Zwift?

I know it is a fairly mad to do but…

Do you need to be a level 12 runner to do it? I am a level 13 cyclist but level 4 runner.

Will I be denied at the gate?


You need to be level 12 in EITHER running or biking so you are good to go for running up it.

:slight_smile: Thanks Paul

Hi zwift is a paying service so why must I be a particular level to do anything weather or not u ride or just ride once a month u still have to pay so if I am a level 1 and paying I should be able to ride alp du zwift or any other course for that matter.Not please with this level crap to do certain courses and still have to pay

“why must I be a particular level to do anything”     Hah hah…new to computer games/simulations?  This is a very common thing in simulations and games.  I’m surprised there aren’t more “incentives”.  Earning the right to ride a particular type of bike or gaining access to this or that area of a map is not unusual.  I’m level 16 so complaints from me…unless they make a new map that is limited to level 17 and above. THAT would be outrageous!

Ok, this topic has been hijacked.

Please post the concerns you have about having to be at level 12 here: