Maxed out on Zwift Run?

Is anyone else maxed out on ZwiftRun? I’d love to see run levels added (past level 21). Are there others with the same request?

I’ve been level 21 for a while now… so definitely looking forward to seeing more levels getting added. But even more so, I would like to see more run specific road/routes.

As running is free for the foreseeable future I dont see the latter happening anytime soon.

A friend suggested that I start over with a new avatar to make Zwift Run more “rewarding” again. Thoughts?

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Not sure that’s the best solution. While you may not see any new levels you’re missing out on potential levels once they are added.

I’ve landed on doing challenges or series to help motivate me to get more miles in… This has the added incentive of potentially winning a cool prize.


Level 50 and 21 here… (bike/run)

It’s been good getting to where I am and now seem to enjoy riding in groups more often now. Running has always been hard to get enthused about when doing it individually but in a group of part of a series it’s way easier.

I’d really appreciate some new running trails or routes that go where cyclists don’t…maybe up over a mountain etc…

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I recently hit level 21 and had to do a search to see why the points didn’t seem to be accruing.

If I remember correctly, when they increased the levels for biking from 25 to 50, people who had earned levels past 25 got those added automatically. I’ve just kept running like I always do and if they ever add levels I believe zwift will catch me up.

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