Running Levels not progressing past 10?

I’ve reached level 10 on my running profile and I’ve noticed Zwift is no longer accumulating points per KM.
Is the top running level capped at 10?

10 is the max level for running at the moment.

Thanks Paul - just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing out on any points with all that effort :wink: #RunOn

p.s. I guess it’s too much to ask that the ‘surplus’ mileage get cached and then recognized if/when new levels/option are added?


Just like the riding side, when new levels are released the XP that you have gained after level 10 will be applied and you will level up accordingly. On the riding side I am about 95,000 XP over level 25 and when/if new levels are released I will level up according based on the XP I have banked.

I’d love to hear their official rationale as to why they set an arbitrary maximum instead of just allowing you to level up indefinitely.  Seems like you just take away a big motivating factor away from everyone who hits the arbitrary limit.  It also isn’t as rewarding to go from level 25 to 36, or whatever, once they once again arbitrarily increase the max.  

In the future they maybe other ways to use XP besides leveling up.

I don’t really get the idea of levelling upmin Zwift. I play world of Warcraft so get it on that but in Zwift it seems a bit odd. 

I run and ride on Zwift everyday and enjoy the distraction it gives me. Am I missing something?