What happens after level 21 in Zwift Run?

Is Zwift intending on making Zwift Run better with more levels? Happy to be charged a monthly premium. It’s obvious that it works and is popular.

Same thing that happens at level 50 for cycling… nothing…


I think the focus remains on improving the cycling experience.

Possibly new UI, more roads etc…

The development of rowing has stalled so I suspect there’ll be little done for running too.

What would you want to improve/add?

Suggest you have a listen to the most recent Zwiftcast. ‘Low priority’ would be understatement of the year.

I bet you’re gutted Dave what with you being such a keen runner. :rofl:


I run quite a bit actually. Just not on Zwift. :wink:

I don’t know how levels work but I don’t see a reason for a ceiling. :thinking:

They could have the XP for a level being the previous level times two (or some other formula), for example:

Level 51 would be XP 50*2

(Maybe there’s a gamification reason behind it.)

higher priority than rowing though :stuck_out_tongue: