What are the odds Zwift will add new running levels this fall?

Chasing levels is fun. Adding 9 new levels would keep me motivated through the fall and winter.

60 levels for cycling, 30 levels for running. Nice, round numbers.

There’s been no mention of it in the rumours and briefings.

As a guess given Zwift are focusing on their core subscription I’d at it’ll not happen.

Zwift running is in beta and probably will be for the foreseeable.

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Zwift running has so much potential.

Zwift Academy Run is scheduled for February… I have no inside information but it’s possible more running-focused changes might happen closer to that date. Cycling improvements were scheduled around cycling “winter” (northern hemisphere anyway) which comes earlier than running “winter”. I wouldn’t place any bets on it given the Zwift focus on cycling however.


Adding levels can’t be that hard? I’m not sure why the running side of Zwift is treated like the “ugly step sister”… Let’s dress her up and invite her to the party!

But then you’d maybe have to buy a ticket to the party so to speak as opposed to it being free entry.


New running levels coming this winter! Confirmed today with new release notes.

THANK YOU ZWIFT! So awesome.


So that news is good news! It might “spur” me on to run again…LOL

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Hopefully there’ll be enough new levels so those that have racked up a fair old number of miles since level 21 don’t top out straight away. Cycling are getting 10 more so I’ve a fear it’ll only be half that for running.

@shooj Any idea how many levels?

We’ll announce the particulars as we get close to the actual launch. We’re not there yet.


Is there any chance the particulars might include unlocking the running training plans like the bike plans have been?

Good thing new levels as they are way easier to reach than cycling! Massive difference…

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any new information about this?

I haven’t heard anything since the September 14 release notes where they promised more running levels “this winter.” Today is officially the first day of winter so technically they haven’t over promised.