Max run level still 21? Huh?

For the past year I’ve been stuck on level 21 for running and just figured I had missed an update. Apparently it’s still maxed out at 21 but zwift is trying to encourage more runners? My avatar’s clothes are really stinky and need upgraded. His shoes have over 1700 miles on them. Let’s go dev team! More run levels please!

Very few runners are at the max level and biking was stuck at level 25 for a long time before getting to 50.

Also Zwift Running is still free.

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Ahhh that explains why I’m not leveling up. And here I was thinking I’m not running enough :grinning:

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Support wanted me to add my request to increase the levels here in the Forums.


I’m a game engine technical animator / rigger. I have two games under my belt that have made a fair amount of money. With that being said,

I completely agree with the original poster. The biggest hiccup Zwift dev team would run into would be the low poly model of the shoe. Because they couldnt necessarily copy previous models over, all shoes have their own touch. Shirts on the other hand just need to be ran through Substance Painter or whatever texturing program they use. New shirts could be given every update, no issue.

I have two guesses. One is that their resources are tied up into another project (rowing) or Two, they are still in design phase of increasing levels for runners and implimenting rewards.

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Can I assume you don’t have a progress bar either at level 21?

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Correct, but you are still accumulating XP in the background.

Yes. At 2,222 miles running and presume that it’s same situation as when bike went to level 50 and progress was backdated (no progress bar)