Running Updates

When will there be additional levels for running? I feel like there should be more shirts/achievements for mileage completed on zwift.

Way over due.

No plans I’m afraid. Running is in beta and probably will be forever.

At least its free.


Has Zwift communicated anything on the state of the running beta? Their latest update did include improvements for runners…

I would gladly pay a reduced fee (5 per month?), if the money would be used to further improve the running experience.

If there are no serious plans, then I’m missing the whole point of the running forum and would rather spend my time and energy where it can be useful.

No communication I’m afraid.

The running forum exists in the reason other forums do, to share thoughts, tips, advice etc…

All part of the Zwift community.

I mainly contribute as i genuinely like helping people.


Just to echo what you said, I’d happily pay an additional $5 month if they added levels and more running support. Wouldn’t think twice!

Increase cycling to 60 levels, then do the same for running! Level 60/60 would be a fun goal.

We need at least 150 levels for cycling otherwise the cyclists will be at the limit the same day.

I know a lot of cycling folks would level up overnight, but why limit it? It makes the game more fun. For example, Fortnite has unlimited levels. Someone reached level 1000 in a season. Imagine if Zwift had 1000 cycling levels. They can’t stay at 50/21 forever, right?

Thanks Stuart, much appreciated. I should have referred to the ideas section, not the entire forum.