More updates for Running suggestion

When are we going to get a running update? Since I’ve started Zwifting back in August of 21 I can’t say I’ve seen any substantial update to running on this app? No new route badges, unlockable kits, can’t earn drops, can’t create workouts… I could go on.

I understand running is free on Zwift but I feel like they are missing out on an opportunity to have the best running app on the market. It’s bland and boring with nothing to really work towards.

Would be nice if Zwift was a little bit more transparent about their intentions. I started about the same time and have been active on the forum for a while but found the overall tone rather cynical even then. People clearly didn’t believe anything was going to happen for runners and so far they have been right.

Zwift did send out an inquiry a few months ago specifically about running. It was relatively lengthy and seemed to aim at getting input for further development, but I have not seen any communication since.

Considering this week’s layoffs, I don’t believe we should expect much change in the foreseeable future.


Mainly I agree with you, pace could go faster

But I don’t remember the exact dates.
But kit: tour of watopia/zwift. Couldn’t we unlock some kind of shoe when running a series.
Badges: new routes in Scotland? Makuri?
Didn’t we get more levels as well?

The (promise) of incline which was shown on the wahoo treadmill? I believe Zwift even stated they are developing it for other threadmills as well


I think we might see some improvements this year. Zwift did a lengthy survey exclusively on running a couple of months ago, asking for ideas on new features and other stuff.

This might coincide with the release of the wahoo kickr run; automated incline it’s surely coming.

Unfortunately these updates might also bring a subscription fee for running, which was mentioned in a few questions of the survey.

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Hi Zwfiters, I appreciate all your feedback for the RUNNING option. I agree, all your suggestions are good features for running option. I’ve passed your feedback on to our appropriate team.

Thanks again; we appreciate your feedback!


Dang… Wish I didn’t miss this survey… I’m sure I’m like many and have multiple ideas that I’d like to share.

Here’s a question,… how many of you running would pay for a monthly, or yearly subscription?

If they make substantial updates that are worth it. Then yes.


i pay for cycling as i do both, really annoys me that i cant create my own workouts for running as atm that is MY main focus. cant import from garmin (where i have my plan)
For me cycling should include running but if zwift start to charge for running - and i would want all the same features as cycling, then it should be half the cost of cycling if only using it for running

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I wouldn’t pay a separate subscription for running unless the made drastic changes to it to make it worth it. Currently where it’s at not a chance.

Examples would be:

Customize workouts (like you said)
Different activities: Races, time trails, group events, mini games, etc)
A store
Route Badges & Achievement
Different run only worlds/trails
Adding kit unlocks (whether this allowing more teams to create kits, adding a milage goal for example you reach 100, 200, 300… total miles you unlock an exclusive kit)

These are just some examples I thought up. Personally I think people take this app to seriously with accuracy, data, metrics, etc… it’s a game… Make it fun.


I would love to see them add some sort of RNG drop rate for items by completing certain routes. Kinda like doing the alpe you get the spin wheel. Do more routes like that for rare gear… Make it something crazy like a 1/1000 chance of getting this bike, wheel, or kit.

This just came to me… Be able to get a pet to run with you and have that pet also get XP and evolve and unlock stuff… The more you run the more worlds you can unlock… Idk… I’m getting off track.

Just want something to make running more exciting then it is… Again it’s a game. Make people want to run and use their app. Give some sort of incentive.

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Agree 100%. There are enough options for people who want to train for the max. Zwift is unique (as far as I know) in its gamification. I would love to see them build on that.

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I’m currently paying the regular subscription but running is as important to me as riding. I guess I would be willing to pay even a bit more but the current pricing worth three AAA video games every single year is already pretty high.

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For those saying you want customized workouts.

You can do this by either creating them in training peaks or there’s a few bespoke ones such as

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or that one, looks better :slight_smile:

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Yep, i always forget the name of that one!

I’m about 2 months in and only a runner. I must admit, I absolutely love it! I too would love to see more options for running along the lines of cycling. I love that it’s free but would gladly pay if we got drops, more options, tracking more, auto incline and speed.