Running routes

I have done all the running routes that are currently badges except a couple that for some reason can only be accessed in events which I continue to look for but rarely are run.

I would be curious why zwift can’t allow more badges for running routes? I mean every bike route under 20k or 12mi for example could be a manageable route with associated XP! There are just so few things with zwift running that can be done to entertain beyond the route completionist sorta stuff. Unlocking another 50 badges would give me so much to do!

Do you get charged for running?

Many times when someone proposes to improve the running experience, the same ‘yeah but isn’t it free’ argument pops up. That’s a great way to pretty much kill the running forum.

People spend their valuable time running on Zwift and that alone is an absolutely valid reason to ask for more and contribute ideas.

Also I would be curious to know how many paying members would transition to an alternative platform if Zwift would not offer running an anymore. For those people the whole ‘what’s paid and what’s not paid’ is a non-discussion: they are here for the package. I’m one of them.


Hi Alexander,
Just noticed that you are new to the forum. Welcome!

I agree Zwift needs to care more about the runners than they currently do. The bike has so much more to offer. Even the selection of training workouts is far more advanced in the bike section. ZWIFT, START CARING ABOUT THE RUNNERS TOO

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