More running routes needed

There needs to be a lot more running routes. I do only a small amount of running on Zwift, yet I have already gotten just about all of the available route badges. We keep seeing new cycling routes being added, why not new running ones? There should be plenty of options with the new section of a world just being added.

Absolutely agree. Posted this in the main thread but maybe not the right place to get picked up:

Any plans to introduce more route badges for runners? Doesn’t even need to be new routes or paths, but the regular routes in & around the Jungle Circuit would seem fairly prime for it, amongst others.

Ok, more effort by me, quick look at the Watopia route list, assuming 15km is about the limit (longest badge atm is Flat Irons @ 14.8km and that’s the one I haven’t done yet - a long way on a treadmill!)

Beach Island Loop 12.8k
Flat Route 10.5k
Hilly Route 9.4k
Jungle 13.8k
Two Bridges 7.0k
Volcano 5,3k
Volcano CCW 7.4k
Volcano flat 12.6

Road to Sky 17.9k, just for the nonsense of jogging past people on bikes who are absolute on the limit :upside_down_face:

London Classique also an obvious candidate. You can run it anyway, just needs a badge :man_shrugging:

And that’s without thinking about Makuri, Neokyo, etc. TDZ shows that there is appetite to run in the other worlds (even up the Innsbruck climb), shame there’s no badges for it.

You can run any of the routes. Admittedly you don’t get a badge but they’re great fun to do.

Like you say doing Alpe Du Zwift is good fun when you’re passing cyclists.