Request Running RoboPacers on cycling routes

There are a large number of running RPs in Watopia but they’re only really running on the meager handful of routes specific for runners. I’m trying to find creative ways to get to run some of the scenic-but-far away roads (from a runners perspective) like the Watopia coastal expansion without having to run a half marathon to get there, and joining a roaming running RP seems like an “easy” way to do that. There are soooo many roads in Zwift that runners would love to tread but we really have no readily accessible way to get there as of now. Thanks!

There’s already been a request (which has been acknowledged by Zwift) for a new running start pen at the desert end of the southern coast expansion.

Yes. I’m actually the person who started that thread. I started this one because it is a general need IMHO. The current line up of RPs available for runners offers very little in the way of variety considering how vast Zwift’s course offering is and I would very much like that to change. A running paddock on the south coast solves a different but definitely related issue.

I should have been clearer in my OP for this thread that I’m hoping for an expansion of the running RP course offerings to include a rotation of routes that feature cycling routes as well, instead of just the handful of running routes. This would include the south coast but also much more.