Add more Robopacer routes

In August 2023, Zwift asked in a post in this forum for Robopacer feedback. One of the most popular requests was to add a lot more route variety to the rotation, even other worlds perhaps. Zwift acknowledged these requests here: RoboPacers - An Open Discussion - #139 by Dan_Dube
The current routes are getting very boring, please add lots more routes!

Hell yeah.
More longer routes pls.
The big ring has quickly become my favorite

PP on all worlds would be a good start


That’s a good one. And some new routes taking in Epic KOM and Alpe du Zwift and maybe that new climb soon to be released.

The current routes are so boring.

Watopia Waistband, Tempus, Tick tock and the worst of all, Flat Route. Needs a big change up and more hills to add variety for the lighter riders who currently get spat out the back of the flat mega groups.

Although I’ll be shouted down with all sorts of reasons… People will quit at the hills, people will join at the downhills, people this, people that…

the alpe will never be included until it becomes a loopable route

AdZ in a loop…. cool idea… hmmm and a painful experience =)

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I think they did use to have robopacers going up the alp didn’t they? or did i imagine that?

In events, yes. Not riding around 24/7.

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Four Horsemen is a loop


I’d definitely appreciate an overhaul of the current route and/or world schedule. I’m getting a teensy bit bored of the desert.

Send them to Scotland for the Scottish summer (ie June)



I did ride with Amelia Anquetil one day going up AdZ. The bot was going through jungle then turned to go up ADZ. I just joined the bot from the main menu.

It was obviously a bug but did happen and should happen more.

Prove it wasn’t just a dream!


My profile picture is with Diego on the Radio Tower climb

I will go back through my Zwift activities and find the date, it is logged.

See below.

September 22, 2020. Yes, I record everything.

Screenshot coming later.

You’re welcome. :wink:

Note the Anquetil pace-partner already has a KOM, which I guess is for the Epic KOM.

All this is a diversion from the actual topic that we need Robopacers on less boring and more mountainous routes, rather than these endlessly flat and monotonous routes at the moment.


I remember doing that. Either 2 or 3 times on a ride :grimacing:

Fully agreed with the OP. I ride with robopacers several times a week and it’s really getting monotonous. If I hear that noise when passing the service station again I’ll go crazy.