Bot Rides Routes

Good morning, I do enjoy the BOT rides, albeit for a quick warm down or steady ride for a few hours or Interval work, however i have noticed they all keep to the same 3 routes all of the time, Can we add a few extra routes to mix up more climbing or undulating routes. It is a great training tool and good for caht but getting bored just travelling around Fuego flats and Sand and Sequoias. - just thought i would throw an idea or 2 about

This is a great idea, coco should venture up the Epic KOM, as should Bowie.

Shouldn’t just be a whole week of Sand and Sequoias.

Amelia in the early days of pace partners even went up Alpe du Zwift. Maybe that could be a regular thing.

when they “virtualized” the clients running the bots, there was a lot of hinting at bots riding on maps beyond Watopia, and possibly even more bots, and maybe even bots that increased wkg on uphill and decreased on downhill.

i wish there was an update about this! the bots are one of the best features of Zwift (to me), because the time i ride is really thin on events typically. (8:15-9:15PM Eastern)