Pace Bots schedule?

Is it possible to find out when a pace bot will be doing a given ride in advance?

(Eg when one will be going up the Alpe)

Hi @Donald_Smith1674, welcome to the forums!

The pace partners currently only ride on the same routes every day. Coco is always on Tempus Fugit, Dan is always on the flat route, I think Amelia is on road to ruins I think, I can’t remember where Bowie rides (I’m not fast enough for the A and B bots). There was a report that one of them escaped Watopia and rode in Yorkshire recently, but I didn’t see that.

The original schedule that was posted can be found here, but I think they aren’t really following that anymore. They seem to always be on now.

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Last weekend there were two pace bots on different routes. I personally rode many laps with Coco Cadence on the Sand & Sequoia’s loop. Others had reported that Amelia was riding in Yorkshire.

My guess is that was some bug that was fixed shortly after.

@Shawn_McAfee_DIRT how was riding with Coco on the hills? It is very natural to increase power on the hills, but Coco will stay at a constant 2.5 w/kg or whatever, was she too slow on the incline and then too fast on the decent?

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@Mike_Rowe1 it wasn’t too different. I have found it easier on the uphills to stay with all the pace partners (minus Amelia). Here is a comparison between 1 lap of Tempus and Titans Loop which includes the Fuego Flat and Titan’s Grove.

I’ve not tried this yet, but if you turn the trainer difficulty off then the hills won’t matter and it should make it easier to stay with the bots.

Last night I tried jumping into the Coco pace pack and after about 20 seconds that group and everyone else in that area of Watopia disappeared for about 2 minutes before things slowly came back. The Coco pace group was gone. What happened?

Sounds like your internet connection was disrupted

I was still there though, power, speed and cadence were still showing. :thinking:

You can start a ride on Zwift, disconnect from the internet and ride by yourself with no issues.

Still sounds like you had a connection to the internet issue.

Thanks, Did not know that. I might just do that once in a while for some alone time. :wink:


You just need to make sure you reconnect before you end your ride.


Let’s not get into the trainer difficulty debates. This thread will be ruined.

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Funny story. I am 59kg. No joke here, that’s verified on my Withings scale (which isn’t syncing to the server, but I don’t want to derail the thread) and in my 20s I was closer to 56. Riding IRL in the Midwestern US, which generally lacks extended climbs, I could get away from my ride buddies on the rollers, but they’d always catch me afterward.

Bowie puts out 3.2 W/kg rain, shine, climb, or descent, and IIRC Bowie is 80kg. So, going up the hills, I can pretty easily stay with him/it. Going down, I usually have to push my tempo to stay with the group.

I shudder to think what would happen if I tried to stay with Amelia, who is 4 W/kg, but at least she/it is 65kg. I can put out that power for maybe 20 minutes tops.

I’ve actually lost count of how many times I’ve gotten on and only got a few minutes ride in before the bots say goodbye.

Internet drop out possible. You keep cycling in Zwift and everyone else dissappears.