Pacer Partner Course Variety

Pace Partners are great but a change I would like to see some more variety.

Currently, the pace partners always ride the same loop on Watopia. Eg Brevet always rides Sand and Sequoias. It would be great if the pace partners could rotate between courses of similar difficulty, and also between maps on a schedule to keep things interesting. It could even be reversing the direction in which the pace partner rides. However, I think there should only be one pace partner active at each pace on Zwift at once, otherwise users will be split between two.

Eg. Brevet
Today - Sand and Sequoias
Tomorrow - Watopia Hilly Loops
Next Day Richmond UCI Loop

The pace partners should rotate through every route on Zwift. In this manner, those who are collecting route badges may always have a scheduled cycling companion with which to earn a route badge. I’m waiting for the the 'bots to ride on all the variations of the Pretzels and PRL Full, so that I can attack these extended routes with companion cyclists. The nature of the terrain is irrelevant to cycling with a 'bot. They push the identical power throughout, and we can do the same. Ride on!