Pace Partner Routes

I am a big fan of the Pace Partners switching routes, but there still appear to be some issues in-game with which route is actually being used.

Went for a ride with C.Cadence last night and the set up clearly said she was riding Sand & Sequoias. Once in the ride though it was immediately obvious that she wasn’t, and quickly became clear that she was riding the Hilly Loop.

No problem with that, quite happy to ride Hilly Loop instead of Sand & Sequoias, but if the game is going to tell us which route a PP is on, it really should be accurate … using PP riding Tempus Fugit as a race warmup is great, being dropped in halfway up the Titans’ Grove KOM instead is not.

I think that’s a known glitch that occurs at one particular time.

If the route is not the one shown in the menu I just force quit Zwift on Apple TV, restart the app and ride elsewhere. I don’t even bother to exit properly, that is a waste of time.

I thought I had seen it mentioned before.

It is not a big thing, but it does ring a small alrm bell for me. I am a huge fan of Zwift, use it a lot, have never considered switching to anything else, regardless of the ongoing general frustrations, and often find myself more frustrated by the over the top negative reactions that anything Zwift does seems to generate.

That said, if there is a lack of attention to detail on something so obvious to the user, I do worry what else is lacking that same attention but isn’t right in front of our faces.