Route changes?

When selecting in the menu CC still shows Tempus Fugit, but actually rides Hilly Reverse. When is she (or someone else) going to be back on Tempus Fugit? Their pacing is too annoying on anything not pancake flat.

She is back on Tempus

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She CC was back on hilly reverse yesterday. :neutral_face:

She was again yesterday on hilly reverse and the menu said Tempus Fugit.

I know that because I double checked it. Quit the Apple TV app then went back to select the Pace Pattner again.

It would be great if there were alternatives to the four pace partners that always ride the flattest courses for those days that you don’t want to ride hills.

I don’t think you typed what you meant to say, but I get the idea.

The Pace Partners are traversing different routes now, on a weekly, rotating basis and according to a published calendar.

Unfortunately, they don’t quite seem to be sticking to the program… and worse still, advising users on the drop-in screen of one route plan, and actually riding a different one. This has happened to me on multiple occasions, most recently here:

Clearly, this is not Tempus Fugit! LOL.

What I meant to say was have 4 extra pace partners that only ride the flat routes so people have alternatives.


Now I get it… I thought you were suggesting to add Pace Partners cycling at different paces. I am definitely a +1 upvote to having the PPs traversing every route on Zwift! Bravo. With the techniques that are amply described in multiple other threads, there really is no need for additional pace rates (between Category D & C for example, or between C & B). But the availability of a Pace Partner on Road to Sky or in France would be quite fun! Yes.

Sometimes people don’t want to ride any hills, and no amount of “techniques” will change that. You just want to sit on 150w on a dead flat course and be done with a recovery ride quickly. If the Pace Partner is riding the hilly course instead of what is written in the menu I just force quit the app and restart Zwift, get the TT bike and ride alone.

Pace Partners have done Road to Sky, I was with A.Anquetil when she went that way. I was the only person there, nobody else. No problem for me riding that way but probably not good for the heavier riders.

To each his own… but have you tried joining a Pace Partner on a hillier route with your so-called “trainer difficulty”, also known as a gradient bias setting at 0? This will give you a “150W dead flat course” feel.

Thanks for the info about the AA pace partner on the Alpe. That’s the first I’ve heard of such. I hope it continues. I’m a “heavier” rider (well, depending on how you view “heavy”), and I’d be thrilled to be paced up the Alpe at the B category W/kg. Perfect for a sub-60 minute ascent!

Given the relative slowness of the B grade pace partner on the moderate hills of Titans Grove- having him go up the much steeper Alpe du Zwift probably won’t get you the sub 60min you are after.

You are better off doing lots of repeats of Alpe or better Ventoux on your own, then have a bit of rest for a few days and then try Alpe again.

Or just set yourself some simple old 2x20 or 3x20min intervals at 65rpm and 85% FTP and do lots of them. Or 4x10min. That’s how prepare for riding the big mountains when I’m overseas. Those are simple and they work. You get your legs used to the efforts so when you ride at normal cadence it feels easier.

have the times changed, no pacers available at 15:30 london time today

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I didn’t notice that, but the rotations of those Route changes would appear to be weekly now? At the moment they’ve all been on the classic routes. B grade doing dinosaur tours, C grade laps of the desert and A grade through the jungle.

They’ve remained that way for a while.

I also noticed steering was disabled which left me stuck out in the middle of the road away from the rest of the bunch. I had to unpair the steering of Kickr Bike to get things working normally.