What is going on with Pace Partners?

Done a number of rides recently with C.Cadence on Tempus Fugit … really helpful and enjoyable way to rack up some kms and get the old legs loosened up. However, there have been issues the last twice I have lined up a PP ride.

First, on Friday evening, in spite of the menu showing C.C riding Tempus Fugit as usual she seemed to be riding Hilly Route. Not normally a huge issue but I was using it as a warmup for a race, and being dropped straight into the ride at the foot of the Zwift KOM was not particularly helpfule.

Second, last night she was riding Tempus Fugit as expected, I was initally dropped into the pack as normal but was very quickly dropped by the group and, in spite of holding around 4wpg for between 5 and 10 minutes, she just eased her and the group further and further away from me. I am not a light guy, and that 4wpg represents over 360 watts.

Normally, I have no problem staying with the group on a C.Cadence ride, and dropping a gear and pushing up to 3-3.2wpg is enough to pull back up to the group if I get distracted and fall off the back occasionally.

Something seems to have definitely changed … and not in a good way. This was one of my favourite features on Zwift and is now basically unusable on the basis of last night’s ride.

What gives?