Pace partners inconsistency

@Shuji_Sakai I have observed two inconsistencies with the pace partners.

  1. On Tuesday, September 22, and Sunday, September 27, the Pace Partners selection menu indicated that Coco was in Tempus Fugit. However, she was elsewhere on those days. The choice of where she should be is up to Zwift, but at least the selection menu and where they actually are should be consistent so riders can make the choice with good information.
  2. As others have mentioned in a different thread, Coco was doing 1.9 w/kg on Sunday, September 27. This is inconsistent with the stated pace for Coco which is above 2.5 w/kg.

I love the pace partners. These are two inconsistencies/bugs that Zwift can take into consideration in making the pace partners even better.


We’ve discovered some issues with Pace Partners and are working on them. They’ve been disabled for now, and we’ll get them back up ASAP.


Thank you for the update!!

any news/ updates with PP? missing my virtual CPU friends :frowning:

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Pace Partners will be re-enabled this week. See this thread