Pace Partner - Coco broken again

Coco isn’t working well after this update. Last night on Tick Tock, fine 2.5 w/kg, normal ride. Today, Richmond and it’s all over the place, on the flat she seems to be riding under 2.0 w/kg as I was drifting off the front riding under 2. On the climbs she seemed to be at a more realistic pace for 2.5.
Loads of other people on the ride seemed to be saying exactly the same thing.
My ride pace was 132W average, only 2.2 w/kg, well ahead of Coco.

The Question is why is CoCo in richmond? :crazy_face:

A girl’s gotta to have a holiday somewhere! I noticed she cropped up in the messages but was in my own workout so didn’t follow her.


It could be this Coco Cadence? :slight_smile:

I was getting messages from Amelia Anquetil whilst on Richmond this morning.

AA, BB and DD were in Innsbruck, CC was in Richmond, all of them on UCI routes.

We have restarted the Pace Partners and they are all back in Watopia now!


did they escape?

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:joy: They just couldn’t wait to check out other worlds!!


What happened yesterday with the Pace Bots being on Innsbruck going up the climb (A, B, D) and Richmond (C) only?