Coco over amped TdZ stage 4 London Loop

Stage 4 London Loop 11:00AM today, January 21st, Coco must have over caffeinated before the stage. She came out hot. I was keeping up but thinking she is going way over limit. So I started watching and she was consistently running 2.9 w/kg. At first, I thought she was caught in the draft of the group and being pulled along. Then she dropped off the back I and I rode along side her and she was still consistently running 2.9. Once we started up Box hill there were several other that noticed she was running hot.

There should be a faster pacer.
They are never at the front of the race.
Usually, there are several slow pacers.
But nothing says what their pace will be.

The RoboPacers increase their power going uphill and decrease it going down. On uphills they increase their power by 10%, so Coco would go from 2.6 on the flat to 2.9 uphill.

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Of course they do but that isn’t what Coco was doing that ride as I made clear in my original post. She was running 2.9 steadily even on the flats. Once she hit Box hill she continued at 2.9.

Just normal pace bots found some odd effects yesterday afternoon.

Constance with just three other riders did a sudden u-turn after completing Volcano KOM. It started descent then the u-turn occurred.

We kept riding on at 4.2w+ pace for another 10km or more so it wasn’t really affecting us.