Pace Partners route position

It would be nice to be able to see where, on a route, the Pace Partners are.

Have they just started, are halfway or nearly at the finish banner?
That way, we can choose who to join.

I have a couple of routes not completed yet and would like to use the PPs as inspiration and to gain as many drops as economically as possible.

Dropping in on a PP ride and unable to fathom where we are in the route is getting tedious.

In the drop down menu where all PPs are listed, there could be a route progress bar under each one… sorted.

Thank you.

Oh, and local time whilst in game, please :blush:

Yep, we’re working on giving you the ability to see where on the route the Pace Partner is.


You can already do that: Fan View a Ride Partner and you will see where s/he is… :grinning:

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It might be cool if ‘gps’ tags could be viewed for any Zwift ‘friend’ to find out where they’re riding. Obviously, it would have to be a consensual relationship.

Already can with Zwiftmap if you have a Mac or PC. I haven’t used it for a while but when I did, it worked really well.

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Pretty cool. Looks like each PP would have to register/opt-in to this site though? I wonder if that’s even possible to do with a bot?

It’s possible if you know their username and password.

I’m not going to do it though - it’s something we’re planning on the future.

I’ve not heard of Zwiftmap or ZwiftGPS so I’ll do some browsing but I’m not sure they are the answer as you would need to know where the start and finish points are on the map.

I think you can see the pp position in the latest update.


Thanks Gerrie, just looked now and it works for me!

Cheers, Zwift!

(Can we have local time in game please?)

***Edited to add… if some of you don’t have time to watch the video, all you do is click on a PP, you then get the info board appear on the right showing a route map and a marker for the PP’s current position.

Thankfully, there are also start and finish markers for the chosen route.
Problem solved!***

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