Display Pace Partners' positions clearly on the map

(Probably a repeat)

Pace Partners’ locations should be displayed clearly on the mini map in-game and in the Companion app.

Sometimes I want to warm up, freeride, or complete a route before joining a pace partner. Currently, they’re difficult to find and difficult to join if/when you do find them. A colored dot on the map for each pace partner would be a huge help.

It would be better if we could friend them then it would be easy to spot them even on the companion app.

Hold my beer.

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James are you drinking at work? :rofl:

I’ve realised someone might need to hold my beer for a bit. Hopefully have some news before long.


Are you saying that we might be able to friend the pace partners. :slight_smile:

You are just teasing us.

Am I missing something on this? I’m not sure what would be gained by being able to friend a PP. You can already join them at the start of a ride, just like a friend, and you can see where they are on the map (with a special indicator, even) if they are within a certain distance of your avatar, just like other riders/friends (though perhaps this is only on the mini-map). Is there something beyond this I am missing?

The only thing I can think of is the companion app would show them with the big orange dot on the map screen.

What I am thinking if it is a friend then you will see them on the companion app, you can also then find them in the list and fan view them to see where they are.

Zwift probably have a better plan. I just thought the easy part will be to add to friends list.

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We already can - at least with some of them. I “friended” C Cadence after riding with the Pace Partner in Makuri. Zwift listed them at the end of the ride as someone I rode with. Try searching for them in “Find Zwifters” and you’ll see a few of them on there. Some have private profiles so you need their approval to follow them but others aren’t.

I haven’t tested this to see whether this has the effect you’re hoping for.

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This is probably an oversight, they are all supposed to be private.

Very good spot. :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure about friending a PP but the dots on the mini map are helpful.
BUT, while it is easy to see the red dot for A, the green dot for B and the yellow dot for D, the pale blue dot for C blends in with the dots for all the other riders.

Please make the dot for C royal blue :large_blue_circle: or dark blue.

You can’t on the Watopia one, I tried yesterday! The Makuri Coco might have been an oversight, you can’t friend her anymore. Poor Coco :sob:

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YOU can’t friend her but she’s still my friend. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it’s because I know she doesn’t like being called “Coco” any more. Me and “C’s” 500 other followers… :wink:


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