Pace partner discoverability

Please consider making it easier to find where pace partners are, for example always visible on mini map. Sometimes it is fun to jump around when they cross – often get very little indication they are ahead until the last few seconds (other times you do seem them pretty far out, I don’t know why).

Yeah understood. This is a request we’ve had a few times.


The problem though is if you aren’t riding the same route as they are and don’t know when/if/whichway that the PP group is going to turn.

Thanks @JamesBailey!

@Wannie — you are right, simply knowing where they are doesn’t necessarily tell you everything, but would help tremendously. I’ve been riding with them enough that I know the routes, but if they wanted to get fancy they could have optional ‘subway route’ style maps that highlight the route on the mini map.

Going a step further, it would be kinda nice to have your route auto follow the pace partner route if you are following a partner. (Obviously starting a ride with a partner does this, but not if you join mid ride.)

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There could be a general feature to switch over to the route of any rider. That would be useful for pace partners, but equally for following friends you see on the road. Discoverability of pace partners would still matter in that case, but you wouldn’t have to navigate to follow them.

@JamesBailey it would be nice if when you are riding about and you come into a PP zone you could get option to explicitly join the PP ( and at the same time join and follow the appropriate route) . There does seem to be some movement in that direction as I seem to get a notification about PP when I am close to one .

That functionality has existed for as long as I remember Pace Partners being around.

Your request isn’t the first time I’ve seen it. It’s new functionality but sensible.

I remember the direction indication showed which way the pace partner was going at junctions, but we couldn’t choose it.

However easier would just be to be able to select follow pace partner. That is logical too as James mentioned. Probably both ways as a catch all.

I would live this too. I tried following pace partners so that I could use spectator view to figure out where they were but never managed to make it work.