Pace Partner suggested feature change

I really like that you added more pace partners, but i am still having issues keeping close to them.
Especially if i fall behind!
What i would like to see is the yellow distance marker you get on the bottom of the screen follow all around the screen. It would be VERY beneficial to see the distance you are behind the pace partner so that you know when to start accellerating as to not fall behind.
There is no CLEAR way to see this either on the minimap or actually in the world, as other riders, rideons and camera angle can block out his avatar completely.

That’s my suggestion.

In my opinion the best way to keep tabs on any pace partner or ride leader is to stay just ahead of them. That way you always have your distance marker and can anticipate what you need to do before it’s too late and you get stuck behind some numpty who lets gaps form and drops everyone behind them from the draft.

If you do find yourself behind, temporarily, then simply work your way back ahead of them again. Remaining behind, as you have found, can get messy.

That’s one way of doing it, still… it wouldn’t be a negative feature.
I’ve wanted it since pace partners were introduced.

Staying ahead can often lead to you gaining too much speed and not being able to slow down enough in time to not loose the multiplier.

I don’t know, it’s so similar to staying in a normal bunchie that I can’t see how that would be needed? if you are in the group you’re good, if you loose the wheel you either drop out of the draft or have to sprint to get back in. Unless the group is so massive that it stretches out beyond the PP “ride with” perimeter? I’ve never seen a group that big but I guess it’s possible.

Would it affect you negatively? If not why argue against it?

Hi Robert,

This would be not-insignificant piece of work when Pace Partners are esentially just a ride leader, whose beacon you can see in the distance.

I’m afraid it’s not something we would be looking to work on at this stage. I’d encourage you to try and keep just ahead of the PP where possible.

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Not that I’m against it I just don’t think it’s enough of an improvement to warrant the time to do it. Especially when you zoom out to everything else the masses are clamoring for. :sweat_smile:
Zwift has a constant triage of things to “fix” and improve.

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Unless you make a wrong turn. :sweat_smile:

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