Better visibility for Pace Partners

When you ride with D Diesel it’s very hard to see the distance you are in front or behind in the box at the bottom of the screen because it’s white font on a bright yellow box. I run Zwift on a 55” TV through Apple TV and have a lot of trouble knowing when I’m too far. I get the warning to let Diesel catch up but can’t see if I’m slowing enough and at times I’ve lost the pack. Or I slow too much and the pack passes me.

Can you fix that visibility issue?

Thanks Terry. I’ll flag with the team.


I’ll add that I find it difficult to spot C pacer because she is the same blue color as the ride on thumbs, and when there are a lot of riders and a sea of thumbs on the screen it’s difficult to spot her. If she could be a different hue or intensity that might help, even keeping the blue?

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This gets my vote too.
Short ride with Cara this morning and I was constantly panicking about where she was.
The blue marker over her head was swamped with blue thumbs.
When she was behind me, her tag was lost in the mass of other name tags.

Yes, it’s not a massive problem but could be improved.

What about showing a fence in front and behind for the pace partners. That way you know for sure if you are going out of range. Its something Zwift does already with group rides so should be easy to implement.

This isn’t an event though. The fence is an event configuration.

Get the sentiment but I don’t think it would be the line that we would go down. Would be nice if there was a PP overlay on the UI that showed you how far in front or behind the PP was - but this would require some (I suspect a good amount) of work.

I don’t think there’s a quick/easy fix.

My original request was just to recolor the font from white on bright colors to black on bright color (ie. Black on yellow, black on sky blue).

Hopefully that’s not a big Dev lift.

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Make the C Bot a different shade of blue on the small preview map in the upper right corner.
Also, make all the Bots show up on the preview map.
I think currently it shows the closest 50 or so riders but I like to see when a Bot is approaching so I can U turn and join.

If you ride with a Bot X60 sec, then automatically follow the same route as the Bot.