Real time locations and mapping (of pace partners)

Pace Partners on companion app;
The app and the map need to show where in Watopia the pace partners are in real time regardless of you chose the a, b, c, or d. I tried jumping to C and between not being able to see the halo in all the ride on thumbs, and all the people, it gets crazy. If I lose the c level and want to rejoin, I need to be able to see where it is on my companion app to sprint to it or teleport or better yet, go down to do. But if don’t know where they are I can’t do that.
Further to this feature, I want to be able to see where in the zwifitng world in real time all my friends and contacts are riding.
I know that there is a ton of harping on Zwift developers about getting totally kicked out of the program when ending a ride, so I won’t add to that specifically, but if lose the pace partners I’m basically out of luck. Until a main menu feature is added in the manner explained, I want to do everything in-game and see real time.