Realtime map

How about a view of my position realtime on a map ?

Hi Nicholas,

You can see yourself on the map as it currently is. You can also see the direction you going.

  • Arrow pointing left = Anticlockwise 
  • Arrow pointing right = Clockwise

Is that what you meant? 

Many people have mentioned it before and basically referring to having a top down indication of where you are in a top down map view. As you don’t feel the turns in Zwift it’s easy to end up doing a 180 degree bend but it feels like you haven’t turned at all. 

Yes, particularly with the new routes now available, a topographical, top-down map with all the waypoints, KOMs, turns etc marked would be great.


Either on the UI, or one you can toggle out to full-screen like in other computer games.

I also would like to have a top-down 2D map.  You should be able to bring it up when you select the course and then anytime you are riding to see where you are.  The existing map doesn’t show upcoming turns and how to get to other areas of Watopia

Ha, I’m making one.  I took a screen shot of my Strava entry, printed it, and have written on it the locations of the KOMs/Sprints and some geographical/visual features.  I plan to drop it into power point to make myself a poster.  Yes, I’m that weird.


Susan, if you make one post a link to it.  The Zwift community would be indebted

I’d love to be able to use the mobile app to find another rider on a top-down map. The list of riders is interesting, but not very useful in its current state.

I agree with all the posts referring to a map. It would be terrific to be able to see where you’re at at any given time. It could reside in the lower right corner and be simple. If it’s clickable, or only on the mobile app it would mean more trouble to access. I use a kickr and a large screen TV so my laptop is a couple feet away and for stats i use the kickr app. I don’t think it needs to be cluttered with all the riders though if you follow a friend their position would be nice to see. 

I would love to see a map on the screen so I can see where I am at any time on the island and where I have been.

Yes I would also love to see this feature!

Maybe on a shortcut to enlarge the map as well.