Birds Eye View Map

The two ground level maps are pointless. A birdseye view map would be much more benficial. 

You need both, the side view map is to show you what grade is coming up. But at the same time I find myself getting disoriented easily in Zwift as you can’t feel the turns so a top down scrolling map would really help there - doesn’t have to show the full course, just the bit your on and perhaps 1 mile either side.

Agree that an overhead map would be helpful, but I don’t think the profile is useless.  If an overhead map were available I could live without the long profile and keep the short profile.

or even just a printable version would be good.

Completely agree on the course map.

Got separated from a friend at a turn and had no idea how to reorient myself and rejoin - our ride together ended as his name vaporized from the nearby list of riders.  

An overhead to see where you are compared to your group or to the Ferris Wheel on Watopia (for example) would be great.

I say lose the profiles and at the base of each climb, have a sign that states the grade and length.

A hotkey to hide other riders and show only your friends on a minimap would be awesome to meet more easily. Actually, might as well also hide others on the course and have your own private friend-only course!

A map would be great to help create your own route on the fly

Top down map would really help. The upcoming grade view is helpful. Generally I would like a toggle for all HUD data, or maybe two levels of HUD intensity. But getting lost is common … I can get lost in my own kitchen!

Yes would love this feature!

Simply add a map feature to Switch View would work well.  A zoom in and out would be cool or the 3D type maps on ZWIFT BLOG with your dot and direction.   If you added the Strava Segments to this feature that would really add to the fun!

I also find it quite difficult to locate myself on the maps. I think that the experience of riding in this virtual world would be better if we could understand how it is. They have done a great job at creating this amazing Watopia and yet we can only see a portion of it at a time from the different views provided, which are great for riding, but I hardly figure out how it all is.

When you watch other riders I press 8 on my keyboard and let the rider distance and you get something of a birds-eye view of watopia but with litle control on how it will develop, sometimes it doesn´t work. it be great if we could move around at will to see how watopia looks from the sky in 3D.

A similar to “relieve” from strava feature would also help.

The Pdf maps can be found in this link



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