Overhead map

Just a suggestion:

I would like to see an overhead map of the course in real time,

This has been requested a few times now. Another idea would be if you click on the elevation map you could toggle between an elevation view and an overhead view. Otherwise if you add all the features everyone wants you start to run out of screen real estate. I like the elevation view, but maybe that is from being around the island a few times, and if it was a first go around an overhead would be good too.

It would be good to see an overhead map along with rider position and pace to jump in at the start beside someone.

a map would be great, in particular when other more complex routes get available in future!

I’d like this as well

I’d love to see an overhead map as well!  When doing high intensity laps it’d help me psychologically to see where I am within the loop and how much farther I have to go.   I can do this by looking at the distance and doing the math, but math is the last thing I want to do during a hard effort.

I was just about to suggest and overhead plan view when I found this post.

Looks like it’s not on the to-do list as this is nearly a year old now.

Would be a welcome feature for sure.

I would also like to see this.  I don’t pay much attention to landmarks and never have any idea where I am on the course.

Yes, overhead please!  As mentioned above, toggle between elevation and overhead?  Or possibly replace the elevation view momentarily while the turns were coming up?

How about an overhead view on the mobile app. That way it wouldn’t take away from screen real estate.

Agreed, I’d like to know where I’m at

Oh, yes! That would be a real great thing to have! And Clints idea above of being able to toggle between e.g. the track profile and map to save space is excellent!

I would really like this add-on.  I find it hard to figure out just where I am when riding. This would come in very handy when doing a race.

I just posted this idea, only to find someone suggested it 2 years ago.  Maybe it will happen?

Put me down as another who wants an overhead map!


I finally installed the Zwiftmap 0verlay, which shows a little blue dot that follows my position as I am riding.  Almost as good as a full overhead map.