Map View of Watopia?

Is there a static version of the island from overhead?  Would be nice to see where you are riding and where the new course is etc.  Also might make a nice wallpaper for a desktop.

Agreed! I just posted an additional comment - maybe toggle this between the elevational view we already have?

It would be good if Zwift just produced a map of the current courses with the landmarks marked on them. 

Marking the route for the orange jersey segment would also be helpful.  With the options to make turns and take alternative routes, it is not clear what the actual route is for the orange jersey segment.

@Andy Anderson => For orange jersey, just don’t make any turns after you start your ride.  Possible you are new enough to Zwift that you started just recently after the new ocean/flat addition came out last Friday.  Before, it was just one loop that could be ridden either direction for jerseys.  Hope that helps.

How about a printable map with kilometre markers and landmarks. And a small compass needle on the display.


is there a map yet, would love one to print off so i can just ride and decide what to do.  new to zwift so don’t know the Island that well yet


I agree - needed more now than ever with the new mountain routes!


While riding, could we have tiny moving dots on this map showing where people are riding, for example, see a dozen or so people near the top of Zwift Alps, hundreds in a group ride in the volcano section, and couple hundred doing the hilly route. 

If you are looking for Information and printable maps visit this site:


It also has a lot of detail on the workouts.

I think this request is for the map to be visible during riding. 

Does Swift look at these feature requests? I too would like to have an online and printable overhead map of Watopia, the courses, and landmarks and distances.  A viewable map integrated into screen while riding would be nice too.

The more you ride, the less you need (or want) a map.