Watopia Poster

(Alex Martins [613]) #1

How about you guys create a big watopia poster that we could print (PDF format) or either buy from the Zwift store, already printed in a glossy high quality? Something like the picture below but showing the entire course:


(Paul Allen) #2

An you would need to buy a new one every month when they add to the island.

(Alex Martins [613]) #3

I wish they were adding new sections every month :wink: Anyway the Poster in a PDF Format would also allow us to reprint it whenever we wanted

(David Griscom YCW) #4

Swiftblog.com has a 2d overhead map that shows the course and major landmarks.  Its fairly large.

(Alex Martins [613]) #5

Hi David,

I know, I’ve already printed that one :slight_smile:

(Eric Schlange [ZwftInsdr] B) #6

Poster is on sale for $10 just for today! Check it out: http://zwiftblog.com/product/watopia-map-poster/