Up-to-date Watopia Map


I cannot find a up-to-date map of the entire Watopia including all roads and routes with basic information like distances between major junction points, KOM info and sprints etc.

I emailed info@zwift.com asking for a up-to-date map of Watopia but it was confirmed that it is not available.

It would be very pleasant and convenient for people like myself who want to plan their own routes and have an overview of Watopia.

Please Zwift, publish a good map of Watopia with relevant information in PDF format.

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Eric update his maps from time to time. Check out his site. https://zwiftinsider.com/map/

Look at some of your rides in Veloviewer (veloviewer.com). There are some very cool ways to review your data if you play around with it enough.

You can view your rides with a (current) Zwift map layer and see mile markers along the way. It’s not exactly what you want, but it’s easy enough to figure out the distance between intersections, provided you’ve got a ride somewhere in your history that’s covered those points before.

jon mayfield posted about this some time back:

ah, but not totally up to date.