Outdated Watopia map image


when viewing an activity on zwift(dot)com, an outdated image of the Watopia map is displayed. In the December 2020 update (1.0.60239) more roads (e.g. KOM bypass) were added. These roads are still not visible in that activity view.

I am the developer of ZwiftMap and use these images as a background for the maps. For that reason, ZwiftMap still shows the old roads and routes go over grass.

It would be great if you could upload the up-to-date map to zwift(dot)com. I approached the Zwift support and a Zwift employee with this issue, but somehow things are still not updated after 1.5 years.

Thank you!

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That’s weird, it used to be correct (i.e. was updated with the ‘new’ roads) if you went direct via ZwiftHacks’ map URL. They’ve changed it back for some reason.

Hi @andipaetzold

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. I’ve reached out to a higher technical authority within the Zwift organization and I’m waiting to hear back from the team. I’ll do what I can to get some attention on this issue.

Thanks again!


Hey @Steven_D,

is there any update on this topic? It’s now almost two years since the new routes were released.



I’ve bumped this issue. Thanks for the nudge.