High Quality ZWIFT Logos / Pictures

hi there, i want a zwift poster for my paincave, can’t find any merchandise in the shop, so my question is, where can find a high quality picture/logo so i can print one myself?

Hi @Stefan_Graf, welcome to the forums.

Check this out:

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I’m not affiliated but there’s a fellow on Reddit’s Zwift sub who does a bunch of really cool Zwift posters. Unsure if they’re for sale or how high res he’s made - you might be able to buy or print them. Here are a couple:



Also, the Watopia Map poster by ZwiftInsider is pretty great: Download or Purchase a Watopia Course Map | Zwift Insider

I really wish Zwift would step up their merch game - I’d be all over artwork and clothing. (if they sold into Canada that is…)