ZWIFT wall decal / poster

In the latest „World of Zwift Episode“ I spotted this wall decal / poster in the background:

Where do I get that from? Where? That’s just awesome. I really need that for my pain cave.

I asked Kristen and her stepdad works at a print shop, he made it for her. I am very sad I can’t have my own…

Many thanks for your research. This community is just amazing!!!
In the meantime I’ve tried to design the poster myself and I’m about to have it printed in 50x150cm (20"x60").

Here is a test print in black and white.




Looks great.

Would it be possible to provide that design in some sort of more suitable print format?

@Robert_Ekberg and anyone else: Seeing as the Zwift apparel has all been sold out for months, I have put together a little design to make my own Zwift tee for myself and my ZRL teammates. While doing so, I came across this post, so I went ahead and made a banner like the one above. Feel free to download the PDF on the link below and use as you like. It’s a vector based image, so any print shop should be able to work with it.

A clickable link

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Great, many thanks @Tim_Smith2364 !