ZWIFT Wallpaper Logo

(- BeardedBikeDoc(BryceA)) #1

Is there a wallpaper with the ZWIFT logo floating around anywhere. I searched but did not find anything. I am loving this beta and just wanted my computer to wear the ZWIFT colors. Especially since I would not have a new laptop if I didn’t need it for this beta… lol

(Jon Mayfield) #2

These aren’t official or anything, but it’s what I use on my desktop and I’m willing to share:

(- BeardedBikeDoc(BryceA)) #3

Perfect, thanks!!!

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #4

You could also make a pretty nice Zwift wallpaper yourself by grabbing a cool screenshot of you on your bike.

(- BeardedBikeDoc(BryceA)) #5

Yeah, I had considered that but really just wanted the logo. These are great!