Runners Zwift Clothing - Please Expand Line & Information on Shirts, etc

Hey Zwift People!

I’ve been promoting Zwift in my local area and online for over a year and really want to ramp it up now.
Was editing a video of Zwift runners in an event when I had a thought…

I’d like to start wearing Zwift singlets from now on in my road races. At the moment the designs are pretty basic on your web site and I feel that the clothes don’t really advertise the sheer fun of virtual running, they also have very little information (web site, facebook page, etc.).

Until that changes would it be ok for me to design my own shirt (not for sale, just personal use)? Wouldn’t copy the logo (might create one for fun), just use the name “Zwift”, include some information discretely and probably a large full color image of an “action” shot of a Zwift event.


In general, would be great if we could buy some of the running shirts / cycling jerseys we earn in the game. Some are quite cool. Would be a good side biz for Zwift, and a lot of free ad space with us all running/cycleing IRL in our zwift gear.

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