Festive running shirt

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #1

I see some of the Zwift Runners on Facebook are asking for the Festive (Christmas) top to be available for runners also. I would imagine it shouldn’t be that hard to allow a cycling jersey to be availing to runners since we are one big happy virtual family.

I’m sure one of these nice fellows can assist in making it happen.

@Vincent @Jon @Eric @Jordan_Rapp

(Jordan) #2


Unfortunately, it’s not an easy swap since we actually implemented proper running kit and no longer allow runners to choose cycling kit. And we can’t use the same technique to apply the cycling pattern to a running shirt.

Would be up to Jon if we were able to get a proper running “sweater” in before the holidays are over. But it’s not actually all that simple.



(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #3

Never hurts to ask.

Thanks for the reply @Jordan_Rapp