Christmas jumper (Jersey)

Hi, anyone know when the (tasteless lol) Christmas jumper available and, how do we select it?

If/when it becomes available in-game, you would ‘select’ it by choosing the basic Zwift orange jersey.

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Should be around the 9th of December if it happens the same time as last year.

It seems that ZHQ has abandoned Christmas :christmas_tree: this year ? :thinking:


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No Christmas jumper, has Zwift gone all bah humbug this year.


Yeah, was wondering about this as well, I haven’t noticed the usual festive lights around watopia but i’m not always that observant. Glad I’m not the only one who’s noticed


Yes it is sad since so much effort went into other celebration events during the year. Just enabling the previous Christmas lights and Christmas jersey would be nice.


Yeah. Shouldn’t be that hard to do. @shooj Will the Christmas Jersey be enabled this year?


Hi everyone,

Unfortunately our electric bill is phenomenal this year from having to power all the lights in Neokyo and as such there won’t be a Christmas Jersey (turns out the knitting/wool costs are huge).

We’ve been turning on economy mode in the wee hours of the night and hope to have saved enough pennies to bring in a little surprise to see in the New Year.


Since 2018 I have cycled up the Alpe in a Zwift Christmas jumper and it looks like this tradition of mine has been halted.

2018: Check out my activity on Strava: Follow Andy on Strava to see this activity. Join for free.

2019: Check out my activity on Strava: Follow Andy on Strava to see this activity. Join for free.

2020: Check out my activity on Strava: Follow Andy on Strava to see this activity. Join for free.

Starting to feel Zwift is forgetting that some of it’s subscribers (ok could just be me) just enjoy the simple pleasures in life and cycling and not so much fancy graphics and flashing neon.

Reckon this year ride will be titled 'twas the last ride up the Alpe before Christmas and bah humbug to Zwift for no Christmas Jumper.


You know it is just a switch that need to be turned on.

There are probably more people on Zwift celebrating Christmas than any other celebration.


I think you might have missed James’s tongue-in-cheek British humour there! :wink: If I worked for Zwift, I would have been proud of that reply!

But I don’t work for Zwift, so I can give my hunch.

If you look at ZwiftInsider’s Christmas jumper story from a couple of years ago, there were people saying it didn’t work right on Apple TV. There have also been display problems recently with Apple devices and riders appearing as if in the shade, so if Zwift thought the lights wouldn’t work right and they wanted to play it safe, they might not “switch the lights on” as there might be issues on some platforms.

Similarly, if you were playing it safe, you might choose to recycle an old April 1st surprise (e.g. tricycles) and recycle an old Hallowe’en special (e.g. costumes), and New Year’s hats might be relatively safe too.

The huge number of platforms Zwift runs on means these seasonal things will take up a fair bit of resource for something which is temporary. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve just decided to concentrate on fixing longer-term things (like the UI). It’s a shame but, if I had to choose, I’d do exactly the same.

OH! But I might create a ride where you can earn/wear a Christmas jersey. That’d be simple enough to do. :wink:

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I don’t think that will help with our electricity bill


That would be cool Yule.

Noooo! I was thinking about the Zwift Christmas jersey just last night.



Couldn’t let that go without linking to this Christmas classic…

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Spent all that investor money already? Next round maybe chuck some of it back into the game instead of advertising and promotions.


I checked all jerseys, helmets and came up empty this year for Christmas. Disappointing that many complained about it and none of the rest of us can celebrate in Zwift. :roll_eyes: