Zwift resetting Jersey Settings

Since sometime this week ( most likely as a result of latest update) . Zwift always kits me (and everyone else it seems) in some random Yellow LSL jersey when we log on .

We can switch to our desired ( club) jersey [ required for ZRL for example ] as a workaround but when you next log in the same happens . Can this annoying bug be fixed .

That was a feature, to celebrate the womens TdF launch.


Let them celebrate it by putting the jersey in the shop for people to select, not by forcing us to go and get rid of it! I already have to force quit Zwift after changing a bike so I get proper trainer resistance, having to do it to get rid of this jersey is not on.

I could understand if this was a free Zwift, but it’s not, we pay subscription fees - so please don’t do this.

It just makes me more determined not to buy Santini cycling kit and to not watch any form of the TDF.

Why not just put advertising signboards beside the Zwift courses instead if you really need advertising income?

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Please don’t come to Zwift on October 31rd then or you will be completely mad.

Zwift is a fitness platform build around gamification and fun. And it’s virtual.

If your avatar wearing a special kit on a special day makes you mad, maybe Zwift isn’t for you.

Celebrating the special day that is the announcement of the route of the first (!) Tour de France Femmes (avec Zwift :wink: ) as a community by wearing the same kit seems perfectly fine according to what Zwift is.


Everyone logging into Zwift on October 14, 2021 will have the opportunity to join in the celebrations with all Zwifters assigned the iconic Maillot Jaune virtually in Zwift.

See this post. Announcing the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift 2022

I’m not all that mad, just make things opt in.

My first thought on seeing the announcement was that I wasn’t comfortable ‘wearing’ a jersey that should be reserved for people who earn it – even if it’s only in a virtual environment.
(BTW, I’m happy that the TdF and the rest of the cycling world is finally opening up to the idea of equality of opportunity. I just don’t get how having everyone’s avatar wearing that race leader’s jersey on one particular day in Zwift means anything. Tokenism, tick-box gestures and all that. But yes, I’m told I’m difficult and overly insistent on reason and logic, in general. :wink:)

To be absolutely fair to Zwift, they had anticipated such reactions and included a simple solution that was given right in the FAQs:
The yellow jersey assigned to everyone today is nice and all, but I’d really like to wear my normal kit. Can I switch?
A. Yes! You can pause the game to go into the Garage and select a kit of your choice.

When I was on Zwift later in the day, it took me maybe six seconds to open the garage, change the jersey, and get on with cycling. Kept me happy.

Those mandatory April 1st things that make the whole experience completely different (2020’s obligatory 1980s bike and kit with VHS-style screen distortion, etc. was a low point IMO) can annoy me. This hardly registered on my radar, but still had the desired effect of making me more aware that Zwift is partnering with the TdF organisers on the women’s race.

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