Jersey Updates

As someone who is a bit of a jersey collector and regularly rides certain events to unlock specific jerseys, it’s very annoying to see that jersey is updated in the future and changed from what was unlocked. Can you not have both and add the jersey rather than replace it? Like, I have all the fondo jerseys from previous years - love that. But just noticed radrace, cancellara etc have been updated and the original jersey lost! Cmon Zwift!

Gets my vote. It’s almost like someone’s not understanding that cyclists like kit and wear their favorite stuff for years until it wears out. If some race from my past wanted to give me an updated version of a jersey, I’d take it. But not if it meant giving my old version back.

Not a jerseys/kit person myself but do have old t-shirts that I wont throw away due to [insert memory here] or whatever. If you are given it it should be up to you whether you keep or discard it. The way Zwift treat bikes and kits is fairly average tbh. Voted.